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Active Directory Management

Easily manage Active Directory users directly in NinjaOne

Monitor and manage Active Directory Domain Controllers

Ninja gives you full visibility into the health and performance of your Active Directory Domain Controllers. When a Ninja agent is installed, it automatically detects if the server is a primary or secondary domain controller and pulls in AD user data for single-pane management. You’ll have full visibility and control over your AD servers directly alongside all your other managed devices.

5.1 Release AD print screen zoom
5.1 Release AD zoom print screen

Manage your Active Directory users

User management is a high ticket-volume task that has to be done, but doesn’t add a lot of value. With NinjaOne, you can quickly access the full list of user accounts on an Active Directory Domain Controller, see details on each account, and take action on users without having to remote into the device. Ninja enables you to take the following actions on AD accounts:

  • Disable account
  • Unlock user
  • Reset password
  • Require password change
  • Disallow password change
  • Enable password expiration
  • Set account expiration
  • Add remove from groups

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