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RMM + EDR + Backup

Reduce your attack surface, stop active threats, respond quickly to incidents, and protect your critical business data – all with Ninja Protect.

  • #1-Rated RMM 11 times in a row
  • Patch Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints
  • 140+ third party applications patched
  • Cloud-first backup for Windows and Mac
  • Next-generation anti-malware
  • Sophisticated protection against advanced threats
  • Industry-leading EDR

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All-in-one ransomware protection, response, and recovery

Ninja Protect goes beyond traditional antivirus, providing a more comprehensive solution to defend your managed environments from ransomware and improve your response speed and resiliency.

Endpoint Management

Patch Management

Endpoint Backup


Bitdefender GravityZone

Bitdefender Advanced Threat Security

Bitdefender Endpoint Detection & Response

Why Ninja?

Greater RMM software with great staff behind it

The major benefit realized with our company is the ability to create our own custom scripts ranging from Powershell to Java and VBScripts. Ninja allows us to use industry-standard scripts gives us more support and flexibility to automate many tasks, and make resolving client issues seamless and faster.

Automate everything

Build automation into your DNA, standardize delivery, and do more per technician with Ninja’s automation engine. Ninja lets MSPs automate everything from extended monitoring and simple one-step remediations to complex multi-step processes.

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Ninja has been great!

We are so much more efficient in how we work now. Processes that were having to be completed manually are now being done using the automated tools integrated into Ninja. A lot of things have now turned into set it and forget it with the help of Ninja.

Drive technician efficiency

Not only is Ninja lightning-fast, its easy to setup, learn, and use. Ninja’s ease of use and centralized policy-based management translates directly into more endpoints managed per technician and from there to greater profitability.

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Game Changing RMM tool

Ninja RMM has helped our MSP us better manage our growing customer base while providing us with the peace of mind client networks are being properly maintained and monitored.

Deliver better services

Ninja was built for the way MSPs work, giving you a 50,000-foot view of your managed environments all the way down to in-depth device or service-request details on individual assets. Ninja helps you easily identify where you need to spend your time to keep customer happy.

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Fast and Easy to Use RMM

Policy inheritance saves a lot of time. You setup a policy and then make a child policy with small changes specific to that device type. For example: I can monitor specific services on a DC, create a child policy, and add the exchange template to it.

Supercharge growth

Ninja’s policy-based management framework centralizes your decision-making process, minimizing the effort and maximizing the impact of device-management changes. This framework enables standardized service delivery at scale.

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Defeat ransomware with Bitdefender GravityZone

Ninja Protect goes beyond traditional antivirus, providing a more comprehensive solution to defend your managed environments from ransomware and improve your response speed and resiliency.

Complete MITRE ATT&CK Coverage

For mid-sized organizations and MSPs

Mitre Attack Coverage

Backup and data recovery for any scenario

You need a backup solution that gives you the flexibility to balance data retention against storage utilization, access against RTO, and peace of mind against cost. Ninja gives you the flexibility to deploy data protection workflows to all your Windows and Mac endpoints.

Flexible backup

Backup dash fast

… and recovery

Backup dash easy
  • End-user self-service file restore
  • Fast and easy file restore
  • Bare metal restore

Best RMM software in G2 Grid

At NinjaOne, we put our partners first – that’s why our partners rated NinjaOne the #1 RMM software on the G2 Grid for remote monitoring and management software. Not only that, we’ve been ranked #1 in customer support year over year, with an average customer satisfaction score of 98 / 100.

RMM G2 grid 2023

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