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Getting Back into In-Person Sales & Networking

MSP Live Chats - Guests for In-Person Sales 2022

As the world opens back up, are you missing in-person sales and networking opportunities that growth-focused MSPs are jumping on?

View this recording of a special live chat discussion with growth and revenue expert Adam Slutskin, the channel veteran behind wildly successful worldwide sales and marketing strategies at Liongard, ConnectWise, and others.

George Bardissi, bvoip CEO & founder as well as lead organizer of the Channel Strong Tour also joined the live chat. If you’ve seen the Channel Strong Tour on social media in the past two years you know he’s someone that knows a thing or two about successful in-person sales and marketing events.

Check out the recording to hear us cover the following and more:

  • What aspects of selling are prime for shifting back to in-person
  • What aspects aren’t (and may never be again)
  • The biggest opportunities available to MSPs right now for differentiation and growth
  • Ideas for revenue-generating in-person events that pack the most ROI
  • Tips for shaking off the rust and reestablishing an optimized sales cadence