Feeling Lucky? Reducing Your MSP’s Biggest Risks

MSP Live Chats - Guests for Feeling Lucky

See what you missed during our special St. Patrick’s Day edition of MSP Live Chats! 

It’s your chance to hear candid conversations about the biggest risks facing MSP owners today — including which risky bets on growth you should avoid AND which to take!

Watch the replay with special guests Tom Lawrence (Lawrence Technology Services) and Georg Dauterman (Valiant Technology) to hear our takes on:

  • The biggest risks you need to actively manage for (including security risks as well as specific scenarios like losing your biggest customer, employee burnout, etc.)

  • Risks you absolutely SHOULD take as an owner when you’re starting out and growing — and how to be smart about it
  • The most important early bets to make that can pay off huge for you down the line

  • Stories of how your fellow MSPs overcame the worst strokes of bad luck — and how you can, too

  • How to make your own “luck” with the right prep and help

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