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Automate Compliance and Streamline Security

NinjaOne Vanta Integration

Improve security posture by actively monitoring the compliance status of endpoint devices managed via the NinjaOne platform.

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NinjaOne Vanta Integration

Minimize your attack surface by ensuring that your managed endpoints consistently meet compliance requirements.

Quickly and easily identify endpoints that have fallen out of compliance – and automate necessary remediation steps.

Transparently build, maintain and demonstrate trust
—in real-time.

Vanta Security and Compliance Features You’ll Love

Verified security compliance

Automate compliance and streamline security reviews with the leading trust management platform.

Real-time monitoring

Know the state of your security posture right now with hourly tests. Receive alerts when something looks off and use our two-way task-tracker integrations to stay on top of fixes.

Holistic risk visibility

Gain a single view across the key risk surfaces in your business: your employees, assets, vendors, and more. Use our pre-built integrations or the Vanta API to make sure the picture is complete. Because you can’t secure what you can’t see.

Efficient audits

Save time going back-and-forth with a seamless audit process. We make auditor selection a breeze and enable them to complete your audit completely within Vanta.

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