Visualize critical business data from the NinjaOne platform with BrightGauge.

Use Case

Use Case

NinjaOne BrightGauge Integration

BrightGauge Integration Dashboard

NinjaOne BrightGauge Integration Benefits

Data you care about

Enable your team to work more efficiently by keeping a bird’s eye view on all your NinjaOne data using BrightGauge dashboards.

Out of box gauges

We’ve worked with BrightGauge and our customers to create 25+ pre-built gauges you can use to get value out of the box.

Live dashboards

Dashboards update automatically and in real-time so you’ll always be up-to-date on what’s happening in NinjaOne.

Build your own gauges

With BrightGauge, you’ll have access to all data available via the Ninja API, so you can create and customize gauges for your unique use cases.

BrightGauge Features That You’ll Love

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Calculated metrics

Perform functions on your data by adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing one metric against another.

Datasource mashup

Combine critical business metrics from your PSA, RMM, and other tools in a single, seamless dashboard.
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Beautiful graphs

BrightGauge will transform data from NinjaOne into beautiful graphs and charts to help you identify patterns and trends more accurately.
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Embedded gauges

Want to show your prospects how quick you are to respond to tickets? Show off your data with embeddable gauges on public sites.

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