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Ninja Data Protection vs. File Sync Solutions

Secure your files more effectively and scale your data storage capabilities with a backup solution designed to protect your critical business data, even with a distributed workforce.

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Why Choose a Backup Solution over a File Sync Solution?

Managed Antivirus Improve Protection

Ransomware Protection

File Sync

File Sync operates by copying data from one device to other destinations and updating all copies as the original file is updated or changed. The focus of file syncs is to prioritize the source, or local, file. Deleting the original file will delete the copied version.


Backup operates by creating an additional copy of data to other destinations – however, the copied data is a separate file altogether, including for each iteration. The focus of backups is to keep a copy of the data in case the original file is deleted or corrupted.

Why Backup is More Effective

  • Each file version is backed up separately
  • Can restore any version, or original file in the event a ransomware attack corrupts the data
  • File sync replaces each version of data across any location, preventing restoration from an earlier version

Data Coverage Across Storage Locations

File Sync

File Sync solutions update new versions of a piece of data in a specific location, whether that be a drive, folder or sub-folder. This limits the ability to recover files efficiently and to implement additional safeguards from ransomware attacks. This narrow view is effective if everyone is organized but can cause confusion if team members save to different locations.


File and Folder and Image backups allow for more comprehensive coverage of all data on a particular device. Regardless of where data is saved or located, either type of backup will protect critical business data in its entirety and prevent any malware from corrupting the duplicate version.

Why Backup is More Effective

  • More comprehensive coverage of storage locations on any device
  • Protection focused on backed up copy of any data
  • Prevents the need to require all team members to follow a specific save path
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Disaster Recovery

File Sync

File sync is designed to focus on documents, images, videos, and other similar pieces of data, and will replicate any changes from the local files to every location that file is saved. Additionally, if the original file gets deleted, any copy will also be deleted. Therefore, if a disaster recovery is needed, file sync solutions will only be helpful for smaller files and if the original file is saved.


A thorough backup will usually include everything from the device software to its operating system to any documents, images, videos, etc. Additionally, backups are designed to keep a copy of the data to prevent total loss if the original file is deleted or corrupted.

Why Backup is More Effective

  • Includes everything on a device’s source drive
  • Produces a completely separate copy of data to prevent against total data loss in the event of deletion or corruption
  • Allows for a complete restore of a device’s environment for a rapid set up on an existing or new device

File Compression

File Sync

File sync solutions usually do not offer native compression, which can cause issues when dealing with a large number of files. Once cloud storage space is full, users will have to purchase more, which can get expensive if this is the main solution utilized across a team.


Considering backups usually run regularly and across dozens of devices, data storage can be eaten up quickly. With a focus on storage space optimization, most backup solutions are designed to compress files effectively to maximize that storage usage.

Why Backup is More Effective

  • Most solutions have native file compression capabilities
  • File sync solutions do not focus on file compression to maximize storage
  • Backup allows more control over frequency and type of files to include within cloud or on-prem storage
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What Our Customers Think

Ninja’s backup policies give us a ton of control over what we backup, what we exclude, how much bandwidth we use, and how long we keep data which helps us balance our data protection needs with storage costs.

We chose Ninja backup because we needed a truly single-pane solution that enabled our technicians to perform all their device management workflows in one place…we were able to quickly roll out Ninja backup and provide effective data protection services to our clients.

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Ninja Data Protection: The Premier Backup Solution

NinjaOne simplifies IT operations, enabling overburdened IT teams to efficiently manage their entire IT portfolio and support end users from anywhere.

Ninja Backup Management gives those same IT teams the tools to effectively oversee and protect their data, easing the burden and stress of critical data backups, all while saving time and money.

By combining both backup management and everything else NinjaOne has to offer – such as endpoint monitoring, documentation, remote management and more – NinjaOne provides you with a one-stop shop for all your IT solution needs.

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