Manage Your Devices On-the-Go with the NinjaOne Mobile App

Provide remarkable IT service in the office, on-site, or on-the-go with the NinjaOne mobile app.

Get critical alerts, no matter your location

NinjaOne’s mobile app notifies you of critical issues while you’re on-the-go. Customize alert triggers by severity so you only get the most critical notifications, or login to the app for our at-a-glance dashboard of endpoint issues, including:

  • OS & 3rd party patch status
  • Alerts in progress
  • Threats detected
  • Server status
  • Reboots pending
  • Node approvals
  • Active tasks
Mobile Alerts Anywhere

All the data you need, available from your phone or tablet

Get full access to your data so you can diagnose and address client issues quickly. You can search organizations, groups, or individual devices and see full details on each, including an activity log of all events that have happened since Ninja was installed.

Quickly remediate issues on-the-go

Whether you’re in the office, offsite at a client’s office, or in transit, when a critical issue arises you need to be able to fix it immediately. NinjaOne doesn’t just provide insights on-the-go, we provide powerful mobile remediation tools to make you more efficient. The Ninja mobile app allows you to:
  • Approve or reject pending OS and 3rd party patches
  • Take remote control of customer endpoints via Splashtop and RDP
  • Easily run scripts on demand
  • Kill processes and start / stop services
  • Quarantine and delete infected files
  • Wake-on-LAN
  • Easy reboot
  • Manage maintenance mode
Mobile iOS Ticketing

Tackle Tickets No Matter Where You Are

The Ninja mobile app now includes the ability to track, prioritize, review, and remediate tickets on-the-go ensuring your technicians are more efficient and critical events can be managed from anywhere. Available for both iOS and Android, technicians can review tickets for critical details and respond to tickets in-the-moment, ensuring all critical details are captured and communicated.

Available on Android, iOS, and iPadOS

NinjaRMM Mobile iOS and Android


The NinjaOne mobile app is free on Google Play or the App Store. It is essentially an extension of NinjaOne’s software and gives you the ability to manage devices from the mobile app. If you are paying to use NinjaOne’s software in your IT environment, there is no additional payment or fee to use the mobile app.

The mobile app was created to give Ninja users another way to access the software, thus helping to further simplify effective IT management.

Our mobile app provides another way to access and manage the endpoints in your environment. Thus, NinjaOne’s mobile app supports the same operating systems that the NinjaOne endpoint management software supports. The operating systems supported include Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Additionally, the NinjaOne mobile app is available on Android, iOS, and iPadOS.

The NinjaOne mobile app gives IT providers an additional device from which they can manage all individual endpoints in an environment. It offers 1-1 device management capabilities so you can look at your inventory, get device data, deploy scripts, and remotely access endpoint devices.

Through our mobile app, you can also respond to tickets and better support end users. With the NinjaOne mobile app, you can truly manage IT from anywhere and manage more effectively.

The NinjaOne mobile app follows the same security measures as Ninja’s software. All data is encrypted in motion and at rest, MFA is enforced to add additional security to the software and verify identity, and NinjaOne is SOC 2 Type II compliant.

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