NinjaOne 2019 Year in Review and 2020 Sneak Peek

2019 A Year in Review fireworks
This year was full of new additions at NinjaOne: new features, new faces, new ways we’re making managing IT easier than ever.

Happy New Year, everyone. It’s that time again when I like to step back, take stock of everything we accomplished in the past year, and offer a sneak peek at some of the exciting things we have in store for the next 12 months.

I can truly say there’s never been a more exciting time in the company. Thanks to the continuous inspiration and support from our partners we were able to make giant steps forward in 2019, and those moves have set the stage for a monumental 2020.

2019 End-of-Year Status

Achieving rapid growth

Staying true to the commitments that got us here

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It’s hard to understate how excited and motivated we are by the amazing growth we’ve seen during the past year. The Ninja family has grown to nearly 5,000 partners — almost doubling from this time last year.

What’s more, the NinjaOne platform became the #1-rated RMM on G2, with the highest satisfaction score and ratings across multiple categories, including ease of use, ease of setup, product direction, quality of support, and more.

It’s extremely validating to know those ratings come directly from user reviews, and that we’re delivering on our partners’ expectations. It’s also a big testament to our development team’s dedication to keeping the platform fast, intuitive, and easy to use — even as it becomes increasingly robust.

That “just works” experience is still powerfully unique among RMMs. It’s something we set out to deliver from day one, and something we continue to be proudly committed to.

Another fundamental aspect of Ninja we’re deeply committed to is providing superior support. As we’ve scaled, maintaining the level of quality we believe our partners deserve has been no small feat, and our support team has absolutely stepped up to the challenge. They solved over 18,000 tickets this year with a median first response time of 22 minutes and an average CSAT score of 98.03%.

Providing an amazing support experience that wows customers and exceeds their expectations is something we will never get tired of. To keep that up, we’ll be continuing to invest in support, and are actively adding to the team across our locations worldwide.

Speaking of adding to headcount, as CEO and founder it’s been incredible to see our team grow to 170 employees. That’s up from just over 100 in 2018. Specifically, we’ve continued to make a massive investment in engineering and security. The engineering team grew by 60% this year, which means more features, better quality, and more innovation for our partners.

Ninja’s presence is rapidly expanding all over the world, and with the addition of our new Berlin office we’ve truly become a global company. Our GM Andre Schindler and the rest of the EMEA team have done an amazing job growing the NinjaOne brand overseas and providing more fuel in the engine that grows our product.


Look Back at New 2019 Features

We introduced a ton of new features and functionality this past year, including:

New/improved integrations

New mobile app

Partners couldn’t wait for this, and they’ve been really happy with the results. With our new mobile app, they have quick access to NinjaOne whenever, wherever they need.

New remote tools

Providing deeper visibility and interaction into devices, without having to directly access the machine, itself, or interrupt end users.

Ninja partners can now remotely view and manage:

  • Task Manager
  • Windows Services
  • File Explorer
  • Remote Registry

Remote Command Line Interface (CLI) Enhancements

We’re especially proud of this one. It opens up a world of possibilities for partners to run and execute scripts on end user machines without interrupting end users. It’s blazing fast, so you see commands executed in real time, and it’s fully interactive, supporting keyboard and mouse navigation, tabbed auto-complete, keyboard shortcuts, and hot keys. As a result, it looks and feels exactly like you’re accessing the command prompt on a user’s endpoint.

Cloud RDP (Beta)

In addition to our Splashtop and TeamViewer integrations, Cloud RDP provides partners with another key remote access tool option.

Credential Exchange

Enables NinjaOne to securely pass admin credentials to devices for use in such actions as running scripts, patching, and RDP access. This was a big new feature that opened the door for additional capabilities, including Windows feature and driver updates.

End User Sharing

Allows partners to grant end users remote access to their own machines through NinjaOne, without having to create a full Ninja account.

Windows Feature and Driver Updates

Thanks to the addition of the Credential Exchange feature, NinjaOne can now handle both of these and help partners further ensure their client systems are up-to-date.

Additional security

With MSPs becoming increasingly popular targets for cyber attacks over the course of the year, our team worked around the clock to implement a variety of additional security enhancements designed to help partners mitigate the threat, including:

  • Enforced MFA: MFA is now mandatory for all NinjaOne users.
  • Node Approval: Requires new devices to be approved before they can be monitored and managed by NinjaOne or any integrated component.

For more on our enforcement of MFA and other security best practice recommendations see this post from our Chief Security Officer.

Looking Ahead to 2020: 3 Things to Count On

We’re proud of how far the NinjaOne platform has come, and we’re laser-focused on using the momentum we generated this year to provide even more features and enhancements in 2020.

Armed with an augmented engineering team and valuable feedback from our growing community, we’re already working adding the following to our concrete foundation:

1) A host of helpful, quality-of-life improvements for features that partners already love:

  • New out-of-box reports
  • A “favorites” bar, allowing you to pin organizations and devices for quick navigation
  • Scripting enhancements, allowing you to take action based on the returned value of scripts
  • Autotask integration 2.0 enhancements
  • Additional monitoring data, such as CPU temperature, fan speed, and GPU

2) More new features to enhance your IT arsenal even further:

  • API 2.0: A vastly enhanced API offering which will allow you to add organizations, locations, identify system events and running actions, trigger scans, webhooks, and much more.
  • BrightGauge integration: Originally planned for 2019, but delayed so we could build out our API 2.0 in tandem.
  • BitLocker encryption key management
  • Additional out-of-box monitoring templates: Saving you valuable onboarding time.
  • Clickable dashboards: Click on bars and graphs to instantly access the data that is most critical to you.
  • Maintenance mode: Pause notifications and alerts while you conduct site maintenance.
  • Linux agent
  • Improved Mac tools: Including remote tools and OS patching.
  • Bitdefender Content Filtering, Firewall
  • Bitdefender Mac

3) Seismic product announcements

  • Currently under wraps, but these are really going to help Ninja and your business continue to grow and thrive in the years to come.

Our Promise

We have always been passionate about transparency in our business, and we want to continue to find new ways to share with you the many things that are happening behind the scenes here at NinjaOne. To that end, we’re planning to offer greater visibility into the feature development cycle through improved Dojo status updates on major and minor features currently being planned, in development, and in pre-release QA.

We’re also actively working out ways to integrate partner feedback even more integrally into our overall product development and strategy.

Our mantra of “relentless innovation” has driven us to deliver a world-class product, supported by a world-class organization staffed with people who genuinely care. With your involvement, guidance, and support, NinjaOne has become the best-in-class tool for IT service delivery, and in today’s increasingly competitive landscape, the thing that motivates us most of all is continuing to earn your business: Today, tomorrow, and always.

Next Steps

Building an efficient and effective IT team requires a centralized solution that acts as your core service deliver tool. NinjaOne enables IT teams to monitor, manage, secure, and support all their devices, wherever they are, without the need for complex on-premises infrastructure.

Learn more about NinjaOne Endpoint Management, check out a live tour, or start your free trial of the NinjaOne platform.

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