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Q: What's MSP Bento?
A: A collection of practical, bite-sized tips, tools, and tutorials we share every week. 


A couple of weeks ago, Twitter lost its mind when people in tech started responding to calls to share their salary publicly. As far as I know, that particular fire didn't spread to the MSP world, but we did stumble across something similar. See what we found, along with the usual weekly dose of practical tips and tools below.

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This week, I want to:

Compare MSP salary numbers [report]

See salary data for techs (Tier 1, 2, and 3) and sales roles pulled from over 5,000 interviews conducted with MSPs. Source: Bowman Williams

Category: Hiring / Company Development ??

Learn how to defend against PowerShell attacks [blog post]

See the latest recommendations directly from Microsoft, including its take on disabling PowerShell (spoiler alert: it's not recommended). Source: Microsoft's PowerShell Team

Category: Security ?

Understand how to manage Microsoft Exchange EDB Databases with PowerShell [blog post]

Speaking of PowerShell, Adam Bertram explains how you can save yourself time and headaches by using PowerShell to interact with EDB files rather than the Exchange Admin Center. Source: Adam the Automator

Category: Automation ⚙

Get a crash course in generating leads via retargeting [guide]

If you're the slightest bit considering investing in digital advertising this is one you need to read first. Source: Us

Category: Marketing ?

Bookmark a webpage that allows me to search ALL the Group Policy settings [tool]

With Group Policy Search you can quickly get a breakdown of  GPO settings, including registry key changes and more. Source: Group Policy Search 

Category: Tech ?


Next week we'll back with another special guest takeover of MSP Bento, this time with Simplesat founder Cory Brown dishing out the goods.

Until then, stay hungry!

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