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NinjaOne + SentinelOne Partnership

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About the Webinar

We just announced our new partnership between NinjaOne and SentinelOne!

In this webinar, we’ll explore how this new partnership enables NinjaOne to bring SentinelOne’s best-in-class EDR and MDR solutions to our MSP partners at market-leading prices. With SentinelOne, MSPs get best-in-class security solutions to protect their client environments.

We’ll walk through:

  • See how to automatically deploy SentinelOne at scale with NinjaOne
  • Learn what makes SentinelOne the market-leading EDR/MDR for MSPs
  • See a real ransomware attack and rollback performed by live by SentinelOne
  • Get a first-look at the NinjaOne + SentinelOne integration
G2 Endpoint Management Leader Spring 24