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Enterprise-Level Access
with NinjaOne’s Credential Exchange

Seamless and secure access to client machines without interrupting users

Run scripts without any endpoint permission issues

The Credential Exchange gives users the ability to run scripts on Windows or Mac using any custom credentials. This gives the user a new level of control and flexibility when running scripts on the endpoint. Scripts can run flawlessly without ever interrupting the end user.

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"Security is obviously top of mind not just for our customers, but for their customers, as well. Features like Credential Exchange allow NinjaOne customers to position security as one of their key strengths and differentiators. At the same time, this new functionality also allows them to operate more profitably by shaving significant time off their day-to-day management tasks. Both of those things are especially critical for MSPs and admins working in enterprise environments."
Salvatore Sferlazza, CEO NinjaOne 2018
Sal Sferlazza, CEO, NinjaOne
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Get the highest level privileges for patching with domain admin credential selection

Users will have the ability to install Windows and 3rd party patches on devices using administrator credentials. The Credential Exchange provides users with domain credentials to avoid failed patches or permission issues, making the patch management process even more reliable.

Seamless one-click connection to all your devices with RDP

Users will have the ability to connect automatically to a Windows machine using remote desktop protocol (RDP) with pre-injected credentials.

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