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Windows Remote Management Software

Remotely access Windows Endpoints right from your NinjaOne RMM console with one click.

A phone showing an example of remote access by NinjaOne

Quick Remote Control

With the single pane of glass view, there is no need to open additional windows to manually launch the remote control application.

Choose the remote tool you want

NinjaOne RMM can integrate with different Windows remote control software.


Every remote session uses TLS and 256-bit encryption.

Key Features of the Windows Remote Management Software

Remote access in a snap

Simplify your technicians troubleshooting work by taking remote control right from the NinjaOne console, no need to change tabs or applications, just one click.

Choice for Windows remote control software

NinjaOne integrates seamlessly with TeamViewer, Splashtop, and Connectwise ScreenConnect, as well as our own RDP tool. 

Outstanding visibility

With multi-monitor support and adjustable resolution video streaming, all remote solutions work well under any bandwidth condition for a clear view of the endpoint.


NinjaOne remote tools use TLS and AES encryption, all actions taken on devices are meticulously logged, and include end of session lock out features. Only the technicians with the granted access can use the Windows remote control software.

Provide support on the go

All Ninja remote access tools work from the NinjaOne mobile app so even if you’re not at your desk you can provide emergency support right from your phone.

Powerful technician toolset

All NinjaOne remote tools offer a comprehensive set of easily accessible troubleshooting capabilities that provide actions like reboots, file transfers, end user chat and launching command line windows fast and easy.

Better efficiency of the IT resources

Technicians can remotely diagnose and solve endpoint issues without the need to go on site, saving time and resources.

Provide prompt IT support

IT teams can offer real-time remote assistance to users facing technical difficulties, diagnosing, and resolving issues quickly and minimizing disruptions to their workflow.

Excellent tool for the on-call rotation

Technicians can remotely control a Windows Endpoint from the NinjaOne app on the smartphone in case of incidents that require a quick response.

Access end-user devices from anywhere

End users can also take advantage of the remote access feature using the NinjaOne App. If they´re on leave and need to access their office computer, using the end-user portal from the NinjaOne App allows them to do so, securely.

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Learn how NinjaOne can help you simplify device management.

Windows Remote Management Software FAQs

Windows remote management software is a tool for securely accessing and controlling Windows machines remotely.
By using the NinjaOne RMM Console, and after all the initial configurations have been made, it´s as simple a clicking on the remote-control icon.
The security of remote management software varies greatly depending on the specific software used. NinjaOne integrates with the best-in-class remote access software to provide strong encryption, least privilege access controls and logging and audit capabilities.

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