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Server Patch Management Software

Streamline your server patch deployment process with NinjaOne.
Patch Management dashboard

NinjaRMM Patch Management provides complete control of the server patch deployment process and ensures that your customer’s devices are always up to date

Easily deploy patches on your whole server infrastructure

Identify, approve, and deploy security updates on Windows and Linux servers.

Automate or customize how patches are deployed

Technicians have complete control on how each endpoint is patched.

Help to keep your server infrastructure secure

Most of the Cyberattacks take advantage of known vulnerabilities. NinjaOne helps to deploy and keep track of OS and third-party applications to prevent such cyberattacks.

Real time visibility

Technicians can get visibility on patch statuses to determine which devices are vulnerable.

Key Features of the Server Patch Management Software

Deploy patches to all servers anywhere

Deploy security updates on Linux and Windows servers, on-prem or cloud based.

Single Pane of Glass

With the single pane of glass, do it all from the same console, no need to launch different applications for different target machines or different activities.

Automated patch deployment

Policies can be defined to fully automate patch deployment on groups of servers.

Complete reporting tool

Generate and share reports that provide detailed information about endpoint compliance.

IT staff productivity

By optimizing patch server deployment, IT personnel can address higher-level challenges.

Centralized Management

Manage patches for all servers from a single console, ensuring consistent protection across your entire organization.

Reduced downtime

Proactive patching can prevent OS conflicts and system crashes, minimizing downtime and disruptions for users.


Easily manage patches for hundreds or even thousands of devices across geographically dispersed locations.

Compliance Reporting

Generate reports that demonstrate adherence to IT regulations and security standards.

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Server Patch Management Software FAQs

Server patch management software is a tool that helps automate the process of deploying server patches to the server infrastructure.
Deploying server patches is a complex task that requires the server inventory, patch identification, testing, approval, and installation of the patches (and sometimes roll-back of the installed patches). This is so complex that numerous patch management programs have been deployed to facilitate such tasks. This has been proved to be the best way to deploy server patches.

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