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Combine actionable endpoint data with Lifecycle Manager to create successful long-term client strategy.
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Synced Endpoint & Lifecycle Data

Generate detailed reports and enhance insights into client IT environments by syncing endpoint data between NinjaOne and Lifecycle Manager dashboards.

Complete IT Visibility & Informed Decision Making

Eliminate blind spots and get the most accurate data directly from OEMs to build a comprehensive view of your clients’ IT infrastructure.

Two-Way Sync

Simplify IT asset management with NinjaOne and ScalePad. Pull device information from NinjaOne for warranty and lifecycle tracking within ScalePad or have ScalePad write purchase and warranty expirations into NinjaOne Custom Fields.

NinjaOne + ScalePad Integration Advantages

Easy to Use & Easy to Onboard

Effortlessly sync client data between NinjaOne and Lifecycle Manager to populate asset management dashboards for quick and painless setup. Trusted by thousands of MSPs, NinjaOne and ScalePad help get your clients up and running faster than ever.

Gain complete control and real-time insights into your clients’ IT infrastructure with NinjaOne and ScalePad. Modernize IT asset monitoring, proactively plan initiatives, and keep your clients informed.

Turn NinjaOne data – combined with ScalePad Lifecycle Manager – into actionable intelligence. Identify critical asset performance and measure your clients’ overall IT infrastructure health.

Transform NinjaOne and Lifecycle Manager data into actionable reports. Gain a critical view of your clients’ IT environment and empower them to make informed decisions.

G2 Leader - Summer 2024
G2 Best Relationship - Summer 2024
G2 Best Results - Summer 2024
G2 Best Usability - Mid-Market - Summer 2024
G2 Most Implementable - Mid-Market - Summer 2024

“NinjaOne’s RMM service is probably
the easiest win we’ve had.”

Jer Ratcliffe, System Administrator

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