A Guide to Hugging Your IT Person

When using NinjaOne, things just work. In fact, you may feel the urge to hug your IT person. Here’s a guide on how to go about it.

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Why all the hugs?

With NinjaOne’s simplified IT solution, there’s no more complex, siloed IT tools, or hours spent on repetitive, manual IT tasks, or late-nights managing server outages. IT teams are able to respond more quickly, and proactively prevent most issues in advance. With all these improvements, you may feel the urge to hug your IT person. Here’s a guide on how to do it in a safe, reliable, and friendly manner.

1. Ask permission

When IT can solve your problems without interrupting your work day, you may feel overwhelmed with joy, but make sure to ask permission before hugging.

Ask permission
Announce yourself

2. Announce yourself

When you can retrieve the file you thought was lost forever because IT backed it up, you’ll be overcome with gratitude but always announce yourself.

3. Keep it quick and simple

You’ll be especially grateful when your computer has been magically patched without lifting a finger, but remember to keep your hug quick and simple.
Quick and simple

4. IT folks... hug yourself

Once you’ve noticed how much time you’re saving by using NinjaOne, go ahead and hug yourself. For those who aren’t using NinjaOne, click below for a free trial.

You now know how to hug in a friendly, reliable, and secure way. So go ahead, and embrace a happier, simpler IT experience with NinjaOne.

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