NinjaOne + Bitdefender GravityZone Integration

Protect endpoints with GravityZone’s all-in-one security solution right from within your NinjaOne IT management console. Automate deployment of GravityZone, instantly view alerts, and rapidly respond to threats with this better-together integration.

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One Powerhouse Solution

GravityZone combines 8 key defense and control capabilities into one powerhouse solution to provide complete endpoint protection.

Anti-malware Protection

Antivirus and antimalware protection that continuously learns about threats


Detects exploit techniques, stops zero-day exploits

Ransomware Mitigation

Restores files after ransomware attacks from secure copies

Web Threat Protection

Behavioral traffic scan, anti-phishing, search advisor

Behavior Monitoring

Zero-trust process monitor, automatically block malicious processes

Firewall and Network Attack Defense

Blocks network-based attacks such as Brute Force or Password Stealers

Content & Device Control

Restrict user access to applications, sites, or web categories, and control access and use of external devices

Risk Analytics

Find and fix vulnerabilities, track and improve risk score

NinjaOne and Bitdefender GravityZone – Top-rated Solutions Working Together

NinjaOne has been recognized as the best-rated RMM software on G2 for the last 3 years.

G2 Endpoint Management Leader Spring 24

Bitdefender GravityZone achieved 100% coverage of steps in the first MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluation for Managed Services.

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VPS Certified SpamPlus
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NinjaOne + GravityZone Integration Advantages

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Automatic Deployment

The GravityZone agent can be deployed through NinjaOne to specified Mac or Windows devices. If the GravityZone agent was erroneously uninstalled from the GravityZone console, NinjaOne can reinstall it automatically.

Immediate Action

If a threat is detected or quarantined, the GravityZone agent fails to install, or any of several other conditions is noticed by NinjaOne , notifications can be automatically sent to technicians via Slack, Teams, SMS, Email or PagerDuty. Threats can also be viewed in the Threat Dashboard and Device Activity Feed.
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Actionable Alerts

Alerts indicating quarantined threats appear on the NinjaOne device dashboard. Technicians can take immediate action through NinjaOne, to Restore, Delete, or Add an Exclusion.
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Activity Logging

Threat alerts and any action taken with a GravityZone-enabled device are logged in the NinjaOne activity log for easy reference and reporting. They also appear in the Threats Dashboard.

BitDefender GravityZone Add-ons

MSPs and IT providers can bolster security even further with these Bitdefender add-on modules:

  • Comprehensive prevention, detection, analytics, and automated response capabilities across multiple security layers
  • Custom hunting and response rules accelerate investigation and threat hunting
  • Productivity applications sense, collect, and pre-process data about traffic and content
  • Cloud collects and processes information about configuration changes and user activity
  • Identity sensors collect and process user sign-in activity, configuration changes, and more
  • Network collects and processes network traffic across the environment
  • Fileless Attack Defense scans command lines in memory blocking files or script-based attacks
  • Hyper Detect Tunable Machine Learning prevent advanced ransomware, fileless, and zero-day threats
  • Cloud Sandbox Analyzer enables automatic and manual analysis of potential threats

Security for Virtualized Environments

Blocks advanced email ransomware, impersonation scams, phishing, and spam.

Protects device disks with simple key management and compliance reporting using native Windows and Mac technologies.

BitDefender GravityZone AddOns
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