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Top 4 Takeaways from the Omdia IT Trends 2024 Webinar

4 Key Takeaways featured

NinjaOne, in partnership with Omdia, recently hosted a webinar focused on the future of information technology, leveraging insights from their latest joint report. Key speakers included Adam Holtby, Principal Analyst at Omdia; Peter Bretton, Senior Director of Customer & Product Marketing at NinjaOne; and Nesta Hayward, Director of Technology, CISSP and CISM certified, at National Fire & Safety. This enlightening session focused on unveiling four pivotal trends set to shape the IT landscape in 2024, providing valuable insights for professionals and businesses navigating this rapidly evolving sector.

1. Navigating Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has evolved from a mere buzzword to a fundamental driver of change in global industries. This paradigm shift necessitates businesses to revolutionize their strategies and IT systems to keep pace with swift technological advancements. More than just adopting new technologies, this transformation demands a digital-first approach in business operations. Across sectors, companies are urged to swiftly implement innovative strategies and enhance their IT infrastructures.

In the rapidly changing digital landscape, proactive adaptation is crucial. Businesses need to stay competitive and relevant, which involves a commitment to ongoing innovation and strategic flexibility to adapt to ever-changing market needs. This environment mandates a continuous evolution, where staying ahead requires agility and foresight in a world where technology continuously reshapes market dynamics.

2. Elevating Security and Automation

In the current age, characterized by advanced cyber threats, it’s crucial to make security a top priority. Alongside this, automation has become crucial, serving to enhance operational efficiency and reduce human error. The focus extends beyond mere protection; it involves making systems smarter and more autonomous. Key points addressed include the necessity for robust and intelligent cybersecurity measures and the role of automation as a pivotal factor in driving operational efficiency, underlining the evolving nature of security and system management in the digital age.

3. IT and Business Strategy Alignment

The increasing need to align IT goals with business strategies reflects IT’s evolution from a support function to an essential strategic partner. This alignment is crucial in making IT initiatives more than just operational support; they become key contributors to business growth and efficiency. Key discussions centered around IT’s evolving role in achieving business objectives and the significance of its strategic partnership with business goals. This shift highlights IT’s essential role in not only facilitating but also actively propelling business success in an increasingly technology-driven corporate world.

4. Adapting to Economic Realities

The current economic environment is driving businesses to refine their IT strategies, as highlighted in a recent webinar. In an era where maximizing resources is crucial, the focus is on adopting cost-effective solutions. This economic reality is transforming IT departments from traditional cost centers to vital players in enhancing business efficiency and growth. Key topics include the influence of economic challenges on shaping IT strategy and the trend towards more cost-efficient and effective IT solutions. This shift represents a response to economic pressures, emphasizing the need for IT to contribute meaningfully to overall business resilience and success.


Heading into 2024, IT professionals face four key themes: digital transformation, enhanced security and automation, strategic alignment with business goals, and economic adaptability. These trends provide a crucial roadmap for navigating the evolving IT landscape, ensuring technology is in sync with business needs and fostering innovation for future growth. Understanding and implementing these themes is essential for IT experts to stay ahead in a rapidly changing technological environment.

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