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Many of us may be finding it difficult to focus on work today. If you're like me, larger events may be putting the individual items on your to-do lists into perspective. But when you work in IT people rely on you, and that means your work matters.

You may not get to see the impact of that firsthand every day, but when you do, it makes it all worthwhile. This week, in addition to sharing tips and tools, I wanted to share an example that proves that point. It also shows how much people can need and appreciate having someone like you to support them right now.


This week I want to…


Hear a powerful example of how much being a good MSP can matter right now [blog post & video]

This is a great story highlighting how one of our Long Island, NY-based MSP partners helped keep staff and residents at a senior care facility connected at the initial height of the COVID-19 outbreak. Watch the video to hear how a call from the facility director brought the MSP owner to tears.

These are the kinds of positive stories we want to be highlighting more of right now. If you've got a story to share, please respond to this email and let's talk!

Source: Us

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Get a free Microsoft 365 security assessment to highlight client needs and risk [tool]

Need to do a better job of educating clients where they're coming up short in terms of security? Alex Fields has put together a fantastic assessment tool based on CIS controls that simplifies the security discussion and makes it visual.

Source: ITProMentor

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Turn your prospect IT audit into an unfair sales advantage

MSP owner and audIT founder Frank DeBenedetto walks through his sales process and shares how the right audit report can move the conversation away from speeds and feeds and push all the right psychological buttons to make prospects actually want to invest more, instead.

Source: The MSP Initiative

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Learn how to prevent PowerShell-based cyber attacks [blog post]

Why drop malware when you can achieve malicious goals by abusing legitimate system programs, instead? That approach — referred to as "living off the land" — has instigated yet another cat-and-mouse game between attackers and defenders. But as Kelvin Tegelaar points out in this post, many living-off-the-land techniques leverage PowerShell commands that can be blocked relatively easily.

Source: CyberDrain

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Pick up verbal de-escalation skills to improve your customer support [podcast]

Watching news coverage over the weekend got me thinking about a podcast interview I'd listened to last year with a police officer championing de-escalation tactics. Going back to the podcast, I realized two things:

  1. The officer had been based out of St. Cloud, MN, just over an hour's drive from Minneapolis.
  2. These tips are useful for anyone who's job involves resolving tense issues with people who may be amped up or upset.

Source: Crisis Prevention Institute

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