PowerShell Script to Identify Slow Ethernet Connections in Windows

by Team Ninja
reviewed by Stan Hunter
PowerShell Script to Identify Slow Ethernet Connections in Windows

Greetings to all you tech-savvy warriors out there. Network troubleshooting isn't just a task—it's an art form. But sometimes, technology can make this art a bit less abstract. Today, let’s talk about a PowerShell script that identifies wired Ethernet connections running slower than 1 Gbps. 

How the Script Works


This script uses the Get-NetAdapter cmdlet to fetch a list of network adapters on your system. Get-NetAdapter is a built-in PowerShell cmdlet that retrieves basic and detailed information about the network adapters present in your system. 


After fetching the list, the Where-Object statement filters the results based on specific conditions, like omitting virtual network adapters, considering only 'Up' or active connections, and focusing only on wired Ethernet connections. This ensures that you're not spending time analyzing irrelevant data. 


Finally, the Select-Object statement formats the output to show only the Name, InterfaceDescription, Status, and LinkSpeed of the network adapters that meet the criteria. This gives you a condensed, easy-to-read output that hones in on the essential details.

The Script: Identify if any wired ethernet connections that are running slower than 1 Gbps

#Requires -Version 5.1

    Identify if any wired ethernet connections that are running slower than 1 Gbps.
    Identify if any wired ethernet connections that are running slower than 1 Gbps.
    This can highlight devices that are connected to old hubs/switches or have bad cabling.
    Minimum supported OS: Windows 10, Server 2016
    Release Notes:
    Initial release
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param ()

process {
    $NetworkAdapters = Get-NetAdapter -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Where-Object {
        $_.Virtual -eq $false -and # Filter out any adapter that are Virtual, like VPN's
        $_.Status -like "Up" -and # Filter out any disconnected adapters
        ($_.PhysicalMediaType -like "*802.3*" -or $_.NdisPhysicalMedium -eq 14) -and # Filter out adapters like Wifi
        $_.LinkSpeed -notlike "*Gbps" # Filter out the 1, 2.5, and 10 Gbps network adapters
    $NetworkAdapters | Select-Object Name, InterfaceDescription, Status, LinkSpeed
    if ($NetworkAdapters) {
        exit 1


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Benefits of Using the Script 


Manually identifying slow Ethernet connections could take hours, especially in a large enterprise setting. This script automates that process, turning a potential slog into a quick task. 

Identifying Potential Problems 

By flagging sub-1 Gbps connections, the script helps you identify weak links in your network infrastructure, allowing for proactive remediation before they turn into bigger issues. 


For those looking to keep tabs on network performance over time, the script can be integrated into automated systems to generate regular reports on slow Ethernet connections.

How to Implement 

  • Open PowerShell with administrative privileges: Right-click the PowerShell icon and choose "Run as administrator." 
  • Copy and paste the script into the PowerShell window: Ensure you've copied the entire script accurately. 
  • Press Enter to run the script: The script will execute, and if it finds any slow Ethernet connections, it will list them for you.

Leveraging NinjaOne for Enhanced Network Management

Automating Script Execution 

NinjaOne can automate the execution of this PowerShell script at intervals you specify. This continuous monitoring ensures that you're always ahead of any potential slowdowns. 


NinjaOne can also generate concise, easy-to-understand reports based on the script's output. This could help you trend network speeds over time, identify chronic issues, and even satisfy compliance requirements. 


And let’s not forget, NinjaOne integrates seamlessly with other network management tools you may already be using, thereby creating a unified, centralized management solution.

Final Thoughts 

Don’t let slow Ethernet connections be the bottleneck in your team's productivity. Use this PowerShell script for quick identification and resolution. And if you're looking to further up your game, leverage the powerful capabilities of NinjaOne to manage, analyze, and future-proof your network infrastructure. 

Next Steps

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