Customer Story Migrates 4,000 Endpoints to NinjaOne in Less Than 2 Weeks

With Nick Archer Technical Manager at

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Company is an MSP based close by London, The United Kingdom. The team at consists of 19 people in total. Of these, 16 are technicians and the rest is made up of account managers and the admin teams. Established in 1995, has earned its stripes with 26 years of working experience in providing services for the UK SMB market.




Seamless change management

«We deployed NinjaOne to 4,000 devices in under two weeks, and that was one man doing the job,» said Archer. «A few server reboots, a few pc reboots and that was it. There was very little…disruption for our customers.”

World-class customer support

“When I speak to someone at NinjaOne, we get through to extremely knowledgeable, friendly people [instantly]. Most things are wrapped up the same day we open a ticket. This means we can expedite repairs with customers,» said Archer.

Built for growth

«We are a far more efficient team because of NinjaOne. Our customers are better off with NinjaOne because we deliver a better service to them. NinjaOne is quicker, more efficient and creates less work. We’re now a slicker and more nimble organization,» said Archer.

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