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MSP Breakthrough

MSP Breakthrough

Where successful MSP owners discuss the pivotal moments that put them over the top.

Episode 6: Building Client Relationships That Make Renewals Easy

with Dan Komis, CEO at TechRunner IT

CEO at TechRunner IT Dan Komis covers some of his key learnings from the first stage of the pandemic and how it changed his business and relationships with clients. 

MSP Breakthrough Episode 5: Juggling the Variables of a Growing MSP Business With Jason Rorie (Pt. 1)

with Jason Rorie, MSP Owner and Chief Security Officer at Elevated Technologies

MSP Owner and Chief Security Officer at Elevated Technologies, Jason Rorie, shares key breakthrough points on his MSP business journey and covers the importance of developing strong business processes and systems to position your IT business for future growth.

Episode 4: Karl Palachuk on IT Business Evolution, the Power of Contracts, and Putting Personality Into Your Business

with Karl Palachuk, Author of Managed Services in a Month

Karl Palachuk

Author, renowned speaker, and pioneer of managed services, Karl Palachuk, shares transformative stories from his past MSP businesses, landmark moments that challenged him to do business differently, and his take on the benefits of adding personality to your business.

Episode 3: Leadership, Vision, and the Most Powerful Question to Ask Your Clients

with Shawn Freeman, VP at Fully Managed

MSP Breakthrough - Shawn Freeman

Fully Managed VP Shawn Freeman shares the key lessons he learned scaling and guiding his MSP through to a successful exit, and his own transition from the tech guy to the leader his team needed him to be.

Episode 2: Culture, Pivoting, and Every Owner’s #1 Responsibility

with Ray Orsini, CEO at OITVOIP

MSP Breakthrough Episode 2 - Ray Orsini

Tom talks with OITVOIP CEO and MSP owner Ray Orsini about breaking points, developing culture and accountability, using fun as your North Star, and putting your team in a position to succeed without you.

Episode 1: The Best Growth Accelerator

with Colin Knox, CEO at Gradient MSP

MSP Breakthrough with Colin Knox

Tom talks with former MSP owner, Passportal founder, and now Gradient MSP CEO Colin Knox, and learns what it took for Colin to delegate the technical work, embrace automation, and achieve exponential growth with the help of loyal advocates.