Hybrid Work in 2024

How IT Is Managing the New Challenges of a Flexible Work Environment

Hybrid work has changed everything — from the way employees communicate to the infrastructure needed to keep them connected, productive, secure, and going strong. Figuring out the logistics of successfully navigating these changes has fallen primarily on IT teams, and in this new report you’ll get clear insight into their top challenges, priorities, and early results.

See the numbers behind emerging hybrid work trends:

  • Find out what employees cited as the most-preferred weekly in-office/remote work schedule (Hint: It’s NOT the classic five days from the office. Not even close.)
  • See stats on the impact of remote work on productivity, communication, stress, feeling connected to coworkers, and more.
  • Learn what % of organizations have invested in new hardware, software, and policies to support remote and hybrid employees.
  • Get stats on the average increase in shadow IT introduced by hybrid and remote setups.
  • See where most organizations stand in terms of updating their security guidelines and privacy policies to account for remote and hybrid work.

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