Miguelito Balba

IT Editorial Expert
Miguelito has developed an extensive expertise in professional writing, showcasing versatility across a range of industries. Starting in 2018, he initially focused on producing engaging content for a lifestyle blog. His career then evolved to include writing for various sectors such as information technology, healthcare, and sales, demonstrating his adaptability and breadth of knowledge. Subsequently, Miguelito transitioned to a full-time writing position with a prominent software development firm. In this role, he was responsible for crafting compelling marketing materials for their IT solutions. Additionally, he expanded his skill set to include UX/UI writing, technical documentation, and strategic social media marketing, further solidifying his position as a multifaceted and accomplished professional writer. Currently, Miguelito is leveraging his expertise as an IT editorial expert at NinjaOne, where he continues to excel in creating technical content that resonates with industry professionals and audiences alike.
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