How NinjaOne Helps IFB Engel Optimize IT Management

mit Philippos Goridaris
IFB Engel customer story

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Das Gemeinnütziges Institut für Berufsbildung Dr. Engel GmbH (nachfolgend IFB Engel) ist ein Schultäger in Baden-Württemberg und Hessen, der an 14 Standorten die ganze Palette von Schulformen anbietet.




All-in-one, powerful solution for less

With seperate, isolated solutions, IFB Engel quickly reached its time and financial limits. NinjaOne was able to convince them that it could combine these tasks (software deployment and network monitoring). „Patch management was the icing on the cake, along with remote maintenance and software distribution,” said Philippos Goridaris, Head of IT.

Access to broader IT community

Schools are a popular target for cybercriminals: “One thing I also really like about NinjaOne is the vibrant community. For my ransomware issue, I found a script in NinjaOne’s Dojo that allowed me to completely isolate the devices from the network. I had to customize the script a bit, but when I had questions, the consultants at NinjaOne were always quick to support me,“ explained Goridaris.

Up to 3x less tickets

“Proactive monitoring and automation have massively reduced the number of tickets. Before NinjaOne, we needed an average of 20 minutes for a ticket. TeamViewer was not installed consistently and we often lost a lot of time setting up TeamViewer Quick Support with the end users. We used to have 10 to 15 tickets a day. Today it’s a maximum of 5 a day. Anyone can calculate the time saved,” said Godidaris.

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