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PowerShell is obviously an extremely powerful tool that can open up a world of automation opportunities for MSPs. But if you’re new to PowerShell or looking to up your game, where do you start?

Check out the recording of our hands-on, practical webcast with scripting guru Kelvin Tegelaar, author of the popular blog He provides simplified overviews of fundamental PowerShell concepts and straightforward walkthroughs that put those concepts into action. You’ll walk away with concrete solutions and scripts you can put to use right away.

  • Examples of how using PowerShell can make your day-to-day life easier
  • Finding the right modules for your job
  • Passing information to different systems (RMM, documentation, etc.)
  • An intro to practical monitoring with PowerShell
  • Quick example of using PowerShell with NinjaRMM

Watch Our Practical PowerShell Webinar with Kelvin Tegelaar!

5-star rated from Managed Service Providers and IT Pros

What our MSPs are saying about NinjaOne:

The exciting thing about NinjaOne is that it is a one-stop shop. NinjaOne has all the bells and whistles of other centralized configuration managers, but without the expensive price tag.

John Kavati
Global Director of IT Operations at Patra

We’ve been able to use Ninja’s automation functionality to save time on device setup, application deployment, and patching, which is a huge time saver. There is a lot in Ninja that we can just set and forget.

Brian Kindt
IT Director
Cherry Republic

NinjaOne allows me to have an extremely lean IT support team. Common industry average is roughly 70 employees to one IT staff. I’m at 252.

Ken Taylor

Real-Time Endpoint Monitoring

Get real-time performance data for Windows and Mac endpoints. Leverage 100+ out of the box conditions to alert on hard disk usage, bandwidth issues, and more!

Easy Remote Access

Connect to your devices through a fast drop-down search and one-click to initiate remote access connection. Supports both attended and unattended access modes.

Automated Patching

Support for 120+ common applications such as Dropbox, Browsers, Java, and more. Report on patch compliance for all your devices to ensure your IT environment is secure.

Advanced Reporting

Leverage NinjaOne’s powerful reporting tools to ensure IT compliance, track hardware and software assets, and to illustrate the value of Managed Services being offered.

Endpoint Security

NinjaOne will manage the licensing and deployment of Webroot and give you the ability to remediate, schedule scans, and run security audits all within the single-pane dashboard.