eBook: The Dos and Don’ts of MDM

A guide to simplifying mobile device management

Technology is at the heart of how we work every day. As organizations shift to accommodate hybrid and remote workforces, more employees are using laptops, tablets, and phones to do their work. This raises security and efficiency issues for IT teams. A comprehensive mobile device management (MDM) approach offers visibility into all your endpoints, enforces security policies, and streamlines workflows.

When evaluating and implementing an MDM solution, you should:

The Does and Don'ts of MDM

  • Choose a robust, easy-to-use MDM platform
  • Phase your rollout to allow for controlled testing

And you should not:

  • Forget the importance of security policies
  • Ignore user feedback to refine policies

Read our guide to read all the dos and don’ts to help you confidently navigate the complexities of MDM in no time.

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