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The 2020 Ransomware Resiliency Report

New research conducted by NinjaRMM and Coveware shows steps MSPs and other IT professionals are taking to protect their businesses from ransomware.

Ransomware has proven to be one of the most persistent and destructive cyber threats. Despite organizations taking much-needed steps to secure themselves, criminals are still finding success and causing huge financial strains. Recent attacks have become even more disruptive and damaging in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, with criminals continuing to target hospitals and other at-risk organizations.

In a recent survey of managed service providers (MSPs) and internal IT departments, conducted by NinjaRMM and Coveware, we found:

  • The majority of IT professionals see ransomware as an existential threat, but most don’t think they, themselves, are at significant risk.
  • Less than a third of MSPs and internal IT departments have cyber insurance.
  • Nearly three-quarters of IT professionals somewhat or strongly disagree with considering paying the ransom.
  • And more!

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