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Global IT Technical Debt in 2021

How Legacy Technology Impeded Post-Pandemic Growth

NinjaRMM’s latest report on IT technical debt found the cost of maintaining legacy technology to exceed $25,000 a year. Read the report to learn more about the challenges of maintaining aging and outdated IT infrastructure and why it’s a roadblock to growth.

Key insights include:

  • IT drove the most impact around increasing the efficiency of other departments and keeping organizations compliant with security regulations.
  • The top IT modernization projects include replacing aging or outdated infrastructure and improving cybersecurity tools, policies, and procedures.
  • On average, organizations spent approximately 17 hours per week just maintaining legacy technology.
  • The average age of hardware and software used by organizations was more than 6 years old.
  • Nearly half of the organizations surveyed have had a cybersecurity incident due to insecure legacy technology.

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