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See How Switching from Kaseya to NinjaOne Allowed Nordlo to Increase End User Happiness with Simplified Automation

with Sindre Winsvold, Virtualization & Operations Manager at Nordlo Vennesla

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Nordlo is a Managed Security Service Provider with 46 business units in Norway and Sweden. For Nordlo, digitization is a human craft, where digital solutions simplify and improve people’s working lives. Together, they aim to create sustainable growth that means the customer’s organization is well-equipped for the future, with the power to create a better society.


Oslo, Norway


Nordlo is A Leading Nordic MSP

Nordlo Vennesla is a part of Nordlo Group which has 46 offices across Norway and Sweden. The office, in the south of Norway, services a hyper-modern data center and a buzzing environment for a team of 19 people. Sindre states, “It is our goal to simplify our customer’s everyday IT operations so that they can concentrate on their core business”.

”Our goal is to simplify our customer’s everyday IT operations”

Connecting Faster

Before switching to NinjaOne, Nordlo Vennesla was using Kaseya to remotely monitor and manage the IT infrastructures for 90% of their customers. “Software deployment and remote access was slow.” Sindre explains. The product had an outdated GUI and remote deployment applications were not working well. By having to manually deploy third-party applications and programs, implementation costs remained high. The team decided it was not sustainable and started looking for an alternative.

Evaluating a New Solution

When looking for an alternative, one of the solutions they tested was UpKeeper. Sindre says, “I tried to create installment packages and there were too many convoluted steps to complete this process”. When testing NinjaOne, Sindre says that it was the user interface that really stood out from the start. “The scripting engine always stays updated and is very easy to use. The ready-made scripts work every time”.

”NinjaOne allows you to move around endpoints without having to reinstall the client”

Switching to Ninja

Sindre explains that when implementing NinjaOne across all their endpoints, customer by customer, everything worked seamlessly. Sindre continues, “The great thing about Ninja is that you can move around endpoints between organizations and locations without having to reinstall the client”. Today Nordlo Vennesla is using NinjaOne for its endpoint management, patch management, automation, scripting, software deployment, and backup for PCs. Sindre explains that Splashtop and all other integrations work much faster and better in the NinjaOne platform.

Easy to Give Access, Easy to Use

When asked which areas NinjaOne is better compared to Kaseya, Sindre replies, “The remote access is faster, all integrations work better and software deployment is easier”. Sindre also points out that he can command prompts (CMD) via PowerShell which saves him a lot of time since he does not have to use remote access. “User management works so well with Ninja both for customer technicians and third-party end-users. It’s easy to set up, it’s easy to use,” Sindre explains. “We used to get a lot of MFA questions before, now we simply show them an instruction picture of how to use it and it works so much better”.

”We are now saving 129,000 NOK ($13.000) per year on IT operation costs”

We Use Less Time Managing Ninja vs Kaseya

Today Nordlo Vennesla spends significantly less time managing NinjaOne compared to the amount of time it took to manage Kaseya. “We save 129,000 NOK ($13.000) per year on IT operation costs, with the amount of endpoints we now manage with Ninja,” Sindre says. The team almost never has to contact NinjaOne support because the product works so well, and updates are so easy to understand and implement. Sindre tells us that they have used NinjaOne’s automation features to set up ready-to-go Microsoft installments for all new employees for a specific customer. “The only technician at this company is so happy now that he does not have to complete this process manually anymore,” Sindre says.

Moreover, Sindre and the team at Nordlo Vennesla have been happy with all follow-ups and interactions with the people at Ninja. “We are very pleased with our relationship with Ninja and we really appreciate the good support the few times we actually need it” Sindre continues. Making the switch to NinjaOne’s unified IT management platform, Sindre Winsvold and the team at Nordlo have been able to substantially reduce IT management costs and time spent on daily administrative tasks. Today they have more time and savings over to spend on their company mission to improve their customer’s daily working life and together create sustainable growth that is well-equipped for the future.

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