Pre-Paid IT Support Hours Agreement (Template)

Is a fully managed services agreement not quite the perfect fit for some clients?

Try this template, instead.

Having all clients on the same managed services offering is typically best practice, but we all know in the real world things aren’t always so black and white. Whether it’s a prospect that doesn’t need your entire stack or a client you’re looking to transition to full managed services, there may be instances where shoehorning an MSA doesn’t click. That’s where offering pre-paid block hours support can come in. This template can help you formalize that type of agreement by clearly defining support requirements and payment details, while also adding critical protections for your business. Disclaimer: Any language used in this template should be reviewed by your attorney.

Inside, you’ll find sample clauses covering:

  • Billing and payment for incremental block-hours support
  • Responses times
  • Non-solicit of employees
  • Limits of liability
  • And more

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