MSP Ransomware Response Planning Checklist

Does your MSP have a have a formalized ransomware incident response plan? If not, use this checklist as a jump-start for building one out.
What does responding to a modern ransomware incident actually look like and entail? Who’s involved? Who’s responsible for what and when? The last thing you want is to be working through those questions in the heat of the moment. Recent events have provided yet another important reminder that it’s not enough to focus on preventing ransomware — we all need to have a solid response plan in place, too. Download this checklist and get started with 12 things you can work on right away.

This checklist will help you:

  • Know where to start
  • Highlight gaps and priorities
  • Break response planning down into manageable, iterative tasks
  • Discover templates and examples to crib from

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