Building a Lean IT Stack for Tech Companies

Learn how IT can help minimize organizational tool sprawl
IT Tool Consolidation Guide

Picture this: Your company is experiencing rapid growth, so teams across the organization are in a hurry to find new tools to help them manage this new workload. Marketing is looking at ramping up virtual events for customers and prospects, researching different hosting platforms. The sales department has a sudden influx of new customers, so they have a list of potential CRM platforms they’re hoping to implement. And your development team has been managing documentation using a hodge-podge of documents scattered across the organization, so they are in the final stages of implementing a new document management system, with the help of IT.

Unfortunately, in this mix of new tools, you also have a variety of IT tools that have been implemented to support a constantly growing number of employees. With this increase in tools, you’ll find a higher amount of complexity, increases to software costs, and disparate communication between systems. Though you can’t consolidate every tool in the organization, there are steps you can take to minimize tool sprawl within the IT department.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • The costs of tool sprawl
  • How unified IT management can improve efficiency

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