Backup Solutions for a Changing Workplace

Modern workers rely on digital workplace tools to share, store, and collaborate on projects as they expect constant connectivity on any device from anywhere.

With the rise of ransomware and other prevailing threats like natural disasters, human error, and social engineering, you can’t guarantee 100% access to data around the clock.

When organizations lack access to essential business data, they cannot operate and make money. But with the right data protection tools, you can ensure data is backed up and restorable.

Backup Solutions for a Changing Workplace

Topics include:

  • A deep dive into the trends that are shaping the workplace in the 2020s out of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • A comparison of on-premises and cloud backup solutions in distributed and hybrid workplaces
  • The benefits of moving data backup to the cloud
  • An outline of use cases for image and file and folder backup solutions
  • And more

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