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Maisons du Monde Partners with NinjaOne to Improve Productivity

With Fabrice ABIDA, Lead Endpoint User of Maisons du Monde
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Maisons du Monde is a retailer with more than 8,500 employees, an omnichannel network of 369 shops (France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland and the United States) covering a sales area of more than 400,000 m², and 33% of its sales are made on the Web.




Reaping the benefits of an all-in-one platform

“We replaced our software deployment, IT inventory, endpoint configuration and remote control solutions with NinjaOne, significantly reducing the complexity of our IT management technology stack and saving on licensing costs,” said Fabrice Abida, lead endpoint user at Maisons du Monde.

Remote access made easy

“NinjaOne provides remote access with a cloud-based managed model, which gives me much more flexibility and security in my work,” said Abida.

Giving time back to technicians

“NinjaOne is dynamic and improves the maintenance of our devices and the satisfaction of my colleagues, who no longer lose precious time resolving requests and incidents,” said Abida.

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