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NinjaOne: A Force Multiplier for Cloud4x Enterprise Systems

with Leo Raikhman, Director & Co-Founder

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Cloud4x is a managed services provider founded in 2015 focused on delivering the finest IT services to the Australian market.


New South Wales


New client? No problem!

Before NinjaOne, setting up a “small customer took 200 plus hours of work. With NinjaOne automation, a new device takes 10 minutes…that’s a 95% reduction in human hours,” explained Raikhman.

An extension of the team

“NinjaOne is a huge force multiplier for us. It’s effectively like hiring two full-time employees,” said Raikhman.

Powerful yet simple

“NinjaOne has all the capabilities and feature maturity we need while also being cloud-native, easy to implement, and easy to learn,” said Raikhman.”NinjaOne’s scripting engine and automation capabilities beat other RMMs I have tried by a country mile.”

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