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How AAD Automatisering Improved Their Productivity with NinjaOne

With Johan Aantjes
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AAD Automatisering has been a leading system administrator in the local SME market for nearly 30 years. With impressive management of around 3,000 endpoints spread across various sectors such as construction, transportation, healthcare, business services, etc., they have established themselves as a reliable and versatile service provider. What truly sets AAD Automatisering apart is their commitment to a personal approach, unlike their larger competitors. They strive to be the sole point of contact for their clients for anything related to IT. This means that they specialize not only in computers and servers but also in services such as web hosting, camera systems, and telecom.

The switch: From N-Central to NinjaOne

Just over a year and a half ago, AAD switched from N-Central to NinjaOne. This decision was made due to both the rising costs and the complexity of the extensive set of features of NCentral, making it often challenging for end-users to work with. Johan Aantjes, IT technician, explains: “That’s why we looked for a package that was intuitive, and with Ninja, we quickly realized that we could just give it to a user, and they could get started with it quickly.” Johan emphasizes the importance of NinjaOne’s user-friendliness: “In the past, when we encountered a problem with managing the N-Central package, we often didn’t know how to solve it, and multiple colleagues were involved in identifying and solving the problem. Nowadays, the employee can usually solve it themselves. This indicates that NinjaOne is an accessible package that speaks for itself in many ways.” This saves AAD Automatisering a lot of time, as they can efficiently and quickly solve these issues. Thanks to the ease of use, onboarding new employees is much smoother. Johan noted that his team is about 75% faster in becoming productive compared to N-Central, which takes more time to master.

Customer service at NinjaOne: a game changer

People at AAD are also very satisfied with customer service. They told us that the support they receive is remarkably fast; when they come with a question, they usually get an answer within a few hours. Moreover, AAD feels that active steps are taken to resolve any issues, including their requests for new features. At NinjaOne, there have been several instances where they encountered a problem, and later adjustments were made to resolve it.

Leveling up with key features

Johan also finds the overall functionality of the key features very user-friendly and powerful. They can easily perform automations using PowerShell scripts, allowing them to write troubleshooting scripts to address specific challenges. Thanks to this universal language, they can work quickly, providing significant benefits for AAD. Johan noted: “It’s really great how we can enable end-users and customers to effortlessly log in remotely to their own devices. This seamlessly happens through the NinjaOne platform, something we didn’t have with N-Central.” Finally, Johan praised the NinjaOne API. He commended the exceptionally clear documentation, allowing them to use it without any issues for various purposes. An important advantage is that if there are still missing features in the standard configuration, they can use the API to implement custom solutions. Some employees have made integrations with the Microsoft platform via Katana and Dataverse for NinjaOne. This makes the tool significantly more powerful than the basic version.

A successful transition for improved services

Just over a year and a half ago, AAD Automatisering switched from N-Central to NinjaOne due to both cost savings and the user-friendliness of the software. This transition significantly simplified their work and led to more efficient problem-solving. Onboarding new employees is now much faster. NinjaOne’s customer support is also impressive, with quick responses to questions and active steps to resolve issues and fulfill requests for new features. The functionality of the key features is experienced as user-friendly and powerful, allowing AAD Automatisering to implement custom solutions via the NinjaOne API, making the tool significantly more powerful than the basic version. In short, the switch to NinjaOne has helped AAD Automatisering improve their services and better serve their clients.

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