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NinjaOne Enables Remote Work for Tessi

with Guillaume Frank
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Tessi Insurance is the division of the Tessi group that focuses on digital transformation and outsourced administration of insurance operations. This includes various types of insurance such as health, welfare, savings, retirement and property and casualty insurance.




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Fast and automated software deployment

«[If we relied] solely on GPOs and remote access to remove an old version of the Fortinet VPN client…it would have taken us about 3 weeks. [With NinjaOne, it’s] a few days to have FortiClient across the infrastructure 100% up to date,» said Frank.

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Remote work made possible

“Remote work has become widespread, and without NinjaOne, we would have no visibility into our IT assets whatsoever,” said Frank.

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Time savings drives growth

“When I think about how we used to work, the time and efficiency gains with NinjaOne are substantial. My team now has more time to focus on process optimization,” said Frank.

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