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Customer Story

How Tessi Insurance Navigated Pandemic Challenges and Enhanced IT Operations with NinjaOne

Tessi Insurance’s operations span multiple locations in France, housing about 800 employees in Reims, Muret, Bourges, Bar Le Duc, and La Réunion. Additionally, Tessi Insurance has a notable presence in Tunisia, boasting a workforce of nearly 130 employees, and in Bulgaria, where approximately 700 users are engaged. Notably, the latter site effectively runs on Linux-powered PCs, showcasing the organization’s versatile technological approach.

Guillaume is in charge of the IT infrastructure and endpoint management. He oversees over 1600 devices and manages a team of ten IT support technicians, consisting of 6 technicians for France and Tunisia, and 4 technicians in Sofia.

The COVID-19 pandemic-induced lockdown posed a formidable hurdle, demanding the seamless transition of all Tessi Insurance employees into a remote work setup. “Implementing this new mode of work without a particularly suitable tool was a real challenge,” Guillaume says.

Guillaume also recounts a memorable episode from the early days of the pandemic that left a lasting impression. “We were using a Softphone, hastily selected for the remote work setup, but a software update rendered this Softphone incompatible with our telephony solution. All employees were working remotely. So, we had to uninstall this software and manually install a WebRTC Xivo, remotely accessing about a hundred PCs. The added complexity was that we had only 3 TeamViewer licenses. It took us nearly a week to deploy it on all workstations.”

This experience made the management realize the importance of having an all-in-one solution for monitoring the infrastructure, including deployment, asset management, and remote access.

“Our business experienced such significant growth over the years that our tools were no longer suitable.”

Guillaume then began to search for a modern cloud solution that would allow him to perform actions on the devices and access them remotely without having to rely on VPN or GPO.

“We also needed more visibility and an inventory of assets. We found NinjaOne, and today we are very satisfied with our choice!”

In his role as the head of IT infrastructure, Guillaume is dedicated to refining the device integration process. With the incorporation of NinjaOne, his team has harnessed its capabilities to seamlessly install all standard applications on newly onboarded workstations. Additionally, they leverage the platform to deploy essential configurations through the use of PowerShell scripts, streamlining and enhancing the overall efficiency of these critical tasks.

“When I think about how we used to work, the time and efficiency gains with Ninja are substantial. My team now has more time to focus on process optimization.”

Guillaume shares a more recent event: “In January 2023, a ‘zero-day’ vulnerability with a CVSS score of 9.8, which we also saw in NinjaOne, was disclosed. Due to the severity of this vulnerability, quick action was necessary to deploy this Fortinet VPN client update to over 900 Windows devices. NinjaOne proved to be the ideal tool. Firstly, the old version was uninstalled on all devices with a few clicks from the NinjaOne dashboard. Then, the technician in charge used NinjaOne’s native software deployment and scripting capabilities to deploy the agent and apply the desired configuration. Some machines displayed error messages, requiring a bit of investigation, which was carried out directly within NinjaOne. Overall, the project was completed within a few days.”

According to an estimate, supposing employees are in remote work and we rely solely on GPOs and remote access to remove the old version of the Fortinet VPN client and deploy the new version with the required configurations, it would have taken us about 3 weeks instead of a few days to have the Forticlient across the infrastructure 100% up to date.

Navigating the health and insurance sector entails handling a substantial volume of sensitive data, amplifying the gravity of cybersecurity for Tessi Insurance. The enhanced clarity into update statuses, CVE numbers, and CVSS scores, combined with the rapid response capabilities facilitated by NinjaOne, mark a noteworthy advancement for the company.

Moreover, NinjaOne’s comprehensive reporting tools prove to be indispensable aids in the ongoing oversight of the infrastructure. These tools empower Guillaume to efficiently compile a wealth of pertinent data regarding the condition of both the Windows and Linux environments, which he can adeptly present to the CIO and CISO, fostering more informed decision-making.

“Remote work has become widespread, and without NinjaOne, we would have no visibility into our IT assets whatsoever,” concludes Guillaume.

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