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RESICAP Leverages NinjaOne to Supercharge its Lean IT Team

Ken Taylor
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Over the years, RESICAP has expanded and built a vertically integrated platform for build-to-rent, single-family rental, and the for-sale industry.


Atlanta, GA


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Outpacing industry benchmarks

«The result of using NinjaOne that I’m most proud of is the fact that I have an extremely lean IT support team. Industry average is 70 employees to one IT support staff. I’m at 250 to one,» said Ken Taylor, CTO at RESICAP.

Screenshot of NinjaOne OS Patching dashboard

Improved security posture

«NinjaOne helps us manage our remote workforce by giving us one central spot where we can manage all end-user security. It helps us maintain the overall health of the estate and keeps problems from happening in the first place,» said Taylor.

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Simplicity that drives efficiency

With NinjaOne, «the amount of time servicing individual tickets has drastically decreased,» said Elliot Geisler, IT manager at RESICAP. «NinjaOne is the most cost effective, light-weight, efficient RMM tool that I’ve ever worked with,» said Taylor.

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