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Discover the transformative impact of NinjaOne Professional on Al Abbar Group’s IT management, propelling their IT operations to new heights of efficiency and security.

With Manoj Gopalakrishnan, Director of Information Technology
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Al Abbar Group is the largest architectural building enveloping and glazing contractors in the Middle East.




With a legacy spanning over 50 years, Al Abbar Group is a globally recognized leader in façade solutions, renowned for delivering iconic building exteriors worldwide. Specializing in architectural envelope and glazing services in the Middle East, the Group’s expertise encompasses design, engineering, manufacturing, project management, and installation of tailor-made architectural façades. Al Abbar Group’s extensive network spans the Middle East, South & East Asia, North America, and Europe, supported by five state-of-the-art manufacturing and global supply facilities. 

Having engineered over 800+ world-class building façades, including landmarks like the Burj Al Arab, Dubai International Airport, and the Burj Khalifa, our commitment to quality and expertise is evident in every endeavor. 

Presently, Al Abbar Group’s IT department centrally manages a fleet of 650+ endpoints across various countries, leveraging NinjaOne Professional’s advanced capabilities. In an exclusive discussion with Mr. Manoj Gopalakrishnan, the Director of Information Technology, we gain insights into the seamless integration and exceptional benefits that NinjaOne brings to Al Abbar’s IT infrastructure. 

Addressing Challenges: Transitioning to NinjaOne Professional 

Facing a spectrum of challenges, Al Abbar Group strategically adopted NinjaOne as the primary solution for remote IT and patch management, transitioning from N-Central to SolarWinds. The challenges in vulnerability patching, approval cycles, and third-party limitations prompted this shift. 

Manoj highlighted the previous hurdles, emphasizing the significance of the risks associated with missed patch deployments. The complexity of approval cycles and limitations in third-party patching, coupled with bandwidth constraints impacting remote management, underscored the need for a more robust solution. 

The Resolution: Harnessing NinjaOne’s Superior Capabilities 

In a meticulous re-evaluation, Al Abbar Group tested platforms such as Kaseya, ConnectWise, and Intune, ultimately choosing NinjaOne Professional for its user-friendly interface, efficient patching mechanisms, and robust remote management capabilities. The platform’s intuitive device overview, detailed asset information, and comprehensive activity log significantly enhanced our IT team’s network visibility. 

Manoj commended NinjaOne’s scripting and automation features, noting its seamless integration with PowerShell or batch for real-time adjustments. The silent execution and versatility of scripts, whether ad hoc or scheduled, further streamlined IT workflows. 

Patch Deployment Time: We observed a 30% reduction in the time taken for patch deployments compared to our previous solution. NinjaOne’s efficient patching mechanisms allowed for quicker and more streamlined updates.

Automation Impact: The automation features in NinjaOne, particularly in scripting and real-time adjustments, have resulted in a 25% reduction in manual intervention time for our IT team, enhancing overall efficiency.

Downtime Reduction: With improved remote management capabilities, we’ve experienced a 20% reduction in downtime for our endpoints, positively impacting productivity across the organization.

Comparative Cost Analysis: A comparative cost analysis showcases that our investment in NinjaOne is 15% more cost-effective than alternative solutions, including Intune.

Despite certain deployment challenges without the asset discovery feature, the superior advantages of NinjaOne in patching and automation outweighed these considerations. The decision was further reinforced by NinjaOne’s excellent support, despite its absence in the Middle East, highlighting the team’s commitment to continuous development. 

In conclusion, Manoj expresses unwavering confidence in NinjaOne, not merely as a solution but as a forward-looking tool aligning with Al Abbar Group’s evolving IT needs. The team appreciates NinjaOne’s transparent roadmap, symbolizing a strategic partnership that anticipates future challenges. With NinjaOne, Al Abbar Group isn’t just adopting a tool; they’re forging a partnership set to propel their IT management into a future marked by efficiency and innovation. 

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