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Major League Baseball Team Wins Big with NinjaOne

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If there’s one thing worse than a slow start to the season, it’s a sluggish endpoint management tool. Or as John Pilot, an IT ops analyst at one of America’s favorite smalltown clubs put it, “Our previous tool was incredibly unresponsive. I could count the pixels on my screen waiting for a computer to respond to its command.” On top of that, “patching was nonexistent.” The final strike came during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the entire baseball club moved to a remote environment. It further emphasized that change was necessary for the security of their organization and modernization of their IT department.


“NinjaOne offers us the triad of efficiency, usability, and scalability altogether. Thanks to built-in automations, it makes us exponentially more efficient at doing our jobs, which in turn drives efficiency across other departments. The user experience is incredible–I can look at my environment from the 10,000 foot view or zoom in at the microscopic level. And it’s scalable. NinjaOne’s automations allows us to monitor and support 1,000 endpoints as easily as 10 endpoints,” said Pilot.

After scouting NinjaOne, making the switch was an easy play.

Pilot expanded on NinjaOne’s patching capabilities: “I was skeptical at first because of our previous platform. But after using NinaOne for a couple of years, I am a believer. NinjaOne’s automated patch management is exceptionally reliable. And if anything does fall through the cracks, the new patch dashboard tells us exactly what failed, on which endpoints, all in real time. This gives us absolute visibility into where we are compliant and where we aren’t so that we can remediate where necessary.”

Major League Baseball games are faster than ever with the introduction of new pace-of-play rules like the pitch timer, and Pilot and the rest of IT feel like they are moving at the same fast pace with NinjaOne on their team. “Deploying a PowerShell script used to take two hours.

With NinjaOne, it takes twenty minutes, plus we can deploy in batches, which we couldn’t do before. The time savings is exponential,” said Pilot. He also depicts how easy it is to remote into endpoints anywhere in the world. “Let’s say one of our scouts is in Japan and is having problems with his laptop. I can easily remote in with NinjaOne to run diagnostics– what previously took five minutes, takes five seconds.”

“If it weren’t for NinjaOne, especially its built-in automation, my job would be absolutely miserable,” said Pilot.

NinjaOne simplifies IT so that Pilot can spend less time manually monitoring and maintaining the club’s network, and more time root, root, rooting for the home team.

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