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Microsoft 365 Management with NinjaOne + CIPP

By leveraging the power of CIPP, IT teams can monitor and manage Microsoft 365 tenants, Intune compliance status, and support incidents all from within the NinjaOne platform.

The Power of Microsoft 365 Management within NinjaOne

Unified Monitoring and Management

Use the power of CIPP to manage and monitor your Microsoft 365 tenants in a single platform, enhancing technician efficiency.

Quick and Effortless Access

With direct access to CIPP from inside NinjaOne, technicians can seamlessly utilize the full power and information of both tools.

A Single Source of Truth

Consolidate actionable data into a single view, combining data from each Microsoft tenant for organizations, devices, and users along with endpoint data NinjaOne.

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Key CIPP Integration Features

Direct Admin Portal Access

Utilize one-click access to Microsoft 365 Administration portals to quickly review administrative actions.

Summarized Tenant and User Information

Use CIPP to populate tenant summary information including licenses, devices, and secure score data combined with key user information for that tenant.

Custom Fields Monitoring

Configure NinjaOne custom fields to continuously monitor device compliance statuses and ensure non-compliant devices can be addressed swiftly.

Detailed Device Information

Consolidate detailed device information including, compliance status, compliance policies, enrollment status and device group.

Expanded Capabilities with NinjaOne Documentation

With CIPP and the NinjaOne Documentation application, technicians can consolidate additional user data into a single view. Combine mailbox information, OneDrive details, conditional access policies, user device details and user groups to create a comprehensive view.

Why NinjaOne and CIPP are a perfect match

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Monitor and manage Microsoft 365 from within the NinjaOne console
Quickly access Microsoft portals and CIPP with one-click direct access to a specific device
View summarized organization, device, and user data instantly from each of your managed Microsoft tenants
Utilize the power of CIPP to quickly resolve support tickets or carry out support tasks
Monitor Intune compliance status of a device in M365 instances within NinjaOne
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