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What IT Teams and MSPs are saying about NinjaOne

Finally! Efficient IT and Network Management!!
Fast access to my customer machines and machine data; excellent BIG PICTURE of my customers and their sites. I save time not having to ask customers for information, also not having to hunt for information.

Greg Smith
Cobblestone Networks,  Inc

User-friendly, uncomplicated IT management software
The remote access is great to have, especially during this time, also to be able to see at a glance what state our systems are in. European support is super convenient, no need to wait for people from the US to wake up!

Rick Spano
Senior IT Specialist, Abstraction

Switching to NinjaOne was one of the best decisions we have ever made
as a company.

Ease of use, the layout and design are intuitive and both easy to learn and teach, but it is also a very powerful tool to have at your fingertips… The online community is very active and the key people at NinjaOne are right there just as involved and always ready to listen to new ideas.

Matthew Hopkins
The Tech Doctor

NinjaOne is what we were waiting for
We were positively surprised during the demonstration and did not know it could work so easily and still be a complete solution.

Erik Drent
IT Specialist, TD Computers Buren

By far the best RMM system currently available.
It’s beautiful & intuitive. Fully SaaS. Easy to use. Excellent automation functionality. We're currently using Ninja to automatically detect/remediate a whole host of issues!

Jason Danner
Aerorock IT

Fast and easy to use RMM
The RMM is lightning fast compared to others. The remote tools are very easy to do maintenance in the background without disturbing the users. We see problems before the customer is even aware they are there.

Dennis van Randwijk
Network engineer, Go Advised Group