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Customer Story

Empowering the MSP Community to Scale Seamlessly: Fast Forward IT’s Evolution with NinjaOne

With Boudewijn Vervoort, Owner / Founder at Fast Forward IT
Fast Forward IT customer story featured

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Fast Forward IT is a Dutch company specializing in scaling MSP businesses. They focus on empowering MSPs to grow alongside their clients, leveraging innovative solutions for rapid development.


Hilversum, Netherlands


Growing rapidly with their customers

Boudewijn started Fast Forward IT in 2003, and since then, their MSP business has seen rapid growth along with the aligned growth of their customers – with one of their customers growing from five end users to five hundred. They service customers located in Amsterdam but also in other parts of the Netherlands.

Boudewijn and the team at Fast Forward IT initially used a remote access tool to access and support their customers’ devices. As their customers’ staff sizes kept growing larger, so did their need for a more comprehensive RMM tool. “When the pandemic struck in 2020, remote reliability became critical as all our customers´ employees had to work from their homes including our own staff,” Boudewijn explained. He was committed to finding the right tool to manage all client infrastructures in one single pane of glass.

Uncovering the right multi-tenant solution

Fast Forward IT first started using Atera to manage their customer endpoints, but they had difficulty monitoring systems. “It was not reliable or stable enough for us and for our customers to be fully in control. We needed to make our daily endpoint monitoring and management easier,” said Boudewijn. He set out to find a new RMM solution that is multi-tenant without the need to give out licensing credentials. “At the time we were collaborating with many smaller MSPs, and we wanted to find a tool that we all could use for alignment and the added benefit of helping each other when the necessity arises” Boudewijn explained.

”We went from managing 86 different policies in our previous RMM to only 8 policies in NinjaOne”

Boudewijn first tested Datto but their ticketing and support functions did not meet his requirements. When he started testing NinjaOne the unified centralized dashboard as well as the ease of use were the first things that stood out to him, “In the NinjaOne dashboard the policy templates and exceptions are available right away. The high level and intuitive functions of NinjaOne´s policies is something I found helpful immediately”. Boudewijn continued, “In Atera we had to create 86 different policies compared to NinjaOne where we only use 8 customized policies. This has significantly reduced the time we spend on managing this. The great advantage in NinjaOne was that all areas including monitoring, automation, OS and 3rd party patching, managed AV and backup are combined in one centralized policy ”.

Deployed 500 endpoints in one day

According to Boudewijn the deployment of NinjaOne was fast and seamless: “We deployed 500 customer endpoints in one day”. Their customers can enroll new endpoints themselves with NinjaOne through a template organization, “With only a few clicks they can get them started in NinjaOne. Thats how easy it is use it,” he said. Today they are using NinjaOne for remote monitoring and management, patch management, software deployment and ticketing.

”NinjaOne Ticketing allows us to proactively react to real-time issues and give support behind the scenes before the end user is even aware of the issue that needed remediation”

Together with all the other products, having ticketing available in their IT management platform is a big timesaver Boudewijn explained, “With NinjaOne Ticketing you can proactively monitor any device issues because we get real-time alerts on anything that needs remediation. This helps us give support behind the scenes to customer end users before they are even aware that there was an issue that needed attention.”

”With NinjaOne we can easily manage 300 endpoints per technician.”

Helping the Dutch MSP community manage more endpoints per technician

Local IT Heroes is a MSP community initiative aimed to improve the collaboration between Dutch MSPs in order to help improve the local service to their end customers. Any local company in need of IT service can quickly search on the website of Local IT Heroes to find to the best MSP suited for them based on their need and location. This gives smaller MSPs great staying power as they can collaborate to back each other up in case of limited availability at any given time as it provides an option for a customer to always find the help they need.

All MSPs in Local IT Heroes are empowered to use NinjaOne as their main RMM solution, “By using a powerful simplified RMM tool in NinjaOne, we can collaborate and give support much faster to our customers”. By all using NinjaOne they are not only able to work better together but they also have been able to increase the number of managed endpoints per technician.

Since the switch to NinjaOne Fast Forward IT have increased their profitability by 23% and helping the local MSP community to continue to thrive and give top class IT services to their customers.

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